Farm Photos

Farm Photos

      Here are a few pictures from around the place. I always think I am going take some more but each year I never get around to getting all the shots that I would like. Just give the images a click and you will get a whole lot better look at us.

      Here are the shiitaki mushrooms. We grow them on oak logs. After the thimble spawn is put in the logs it usually takes 12-18 months to start getting a crop

This is a view down the rows of the larger bushes.

This is some blueberries a couple of weeks or so after berry set.

We had a very late snow that year. The bushes were already in bloom. There was no crop damage as a result.

These are rows of Northland blueberries. The bushes are a little shorter than some other varieties. The berries are a midium size with a very good flavor. This bush is a vigorus grower and high yeilding.

Here are some of the blackberries.

These are some 1 year old bushes that were growing in beds during the snow. We grow these in beds to be sold later or transplanted into the fields.

This is more of the blooming snow.

More coming in a day or so.